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Giuseppe Tamborrino

Senior Engineer Owner and Founder of To Do Engineering

  • EGE-CI 101 Expert in Energy Management, Civil and Industrial sector certified UNICEI 11339 by the TUV;
  • EM Energy Manager of public bodies and leading companies in Construction and Transportation
  • HSE Manager of Health, Safety and Environment in the workplace
    Coordinator and supervisor of the construction management office;
  • Technical administrative inspector of public works;
  • Plant designer specialized in the production of energy from high power renewable sources;
  • Lecturer for several courses on safety in the workplace
  • Speaker for Conferences on Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development and Circular Economy;
    1st level University Master in Wood Engineering at University of Bologna;
  • Graduated in Civil Engineering at University of Ancona.


Rossella Nigro

Civil / Environmental Engineer

  • Project Manager Assistant;
  • Expert in Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Feasibility Studies (VIA, VAS, AIA) and landscape;
  • Energy certifier for public and private buildings;
  • Technical coordinator of the competition office.

Savino Tria

Senior surveyor

  • Permitting Manager for building practices (C.I.L., C.I.L.A., S.C.I.A., Build);
  • Expert in technical and administrative functions (real estate estimates and valuations, appraisals and consultancy);
  • Land surveyor and existing building structures (topographic surveys, cadastral practices, subdivisions, map types);

Lorenzo Antinora

Senior architect

  • Architectural designer for public and private buildings;
  • Designer for the renovation and restoration of historical and artistic heritage;
  • 3D Expert/ BIM CAD designer;
  • Operational director of construction sites in the public and private sectors with experience of work measurement and accounting.

Adele D’Erchia

Environment and Territory Engineer

  • Expert in Sustainable Mobility (PUMS) and Action Plans for Sustainable Energy (SEAP);
  • Environmental education teacher for transnational projects;
  • ADR Consultant for Road Mode, with Specializations S2 (Gas), SV (Classes miscellaneous), SP (Petroleum Products);
  • Author of technical publications including “Thermal Account applications and incentives”(Maggioli Editore);

Antonio Mauro

Environment and Territory Engineer

  • Former Adjunct Professor at the University of Basilicata in Maritime and Coastal Engineering;
  • Former Researcher at the University of Calabria, Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering for the Environment and the Territory;
  • Specialized in technical and economic feasibility studies particularly at the use of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon cultivation products
  • Public works inspector, especially gas distribution networks;
  • Evaluator and verifier of projects and programs related to environmental, energy and infrastructural activities in the Regional Evaluation and Verification Unit of the Basilicata Region;
  • Writer of programmatic documents for Local and Regional Authorities to be valid on EU and national funds.

Giovanni Clemente

Junior IT engineer

  • Information systems manager;
    Safety Coordinator in the workplace pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 e ss.mm.ii .; 81/08 and subsequent amendments;
  • CTP / CTU Technical Consultant registered within the Court of Taranto;
  • Site inspector in the construction management office.

Vito Passarelli

Civil lawyer

  • Specialized in corporate law, labor law and tax law;
  • Expert in contracts, litigation and relations with the PA;
  • Corporate lawyer;
  • Race office manager

Donato Scarati

Chartered accountant

  • Administrative Manager;
  • Tax accountant and tax consultant;
  • Editor of Economic and Financial Plans, business plans and decisions investment;
  • Graduated from the Cattolica University of Milan.

Domenica Perrone

Senior accountant

  • Administrative employee
  • Secretary;
  • Problem solver;
  • Social Media Manager

via Buonarroti 45\B, 74014 Laterza (TA)

(+39) 099.8216336


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